Ella, Sri Lanka

There’s a place deep in mountains of Sri Lanka. A place that is peaceful and beautiful. A place that I could have easily stayed at for a while. A place that reminded me of home and that place is called Ella. A bustling little town, with cute little restaurants and amazing hikes through tea plantations […]

Why I Love Thailand

Thailand was the first country I ever travelled as a backpacker. It was the first country I became an expat in. It was the first country to really capture my heart and make me realise my passion for travelling. There are many reasons why I love Thailand and here are some of the main ones; […]

Wai Khru

Wai Khru is a ceremony where students pay respect to their teachers to express their gratitude and formalise a student-teacher relationship. The ceremony usually begins with a Buddhist prayer, followed by the student’s recitation of the Wai Khru chant. Which expresses respect and gratitude to the teachers, and asks the teachers blessing for their studies. Following this, a […]