An Essential Guide to Ronda, Spain

Best things to do in Ronda

A quiet, beautiful, romantic town in the South of Spain where Ernest Hemingway wrote some of his most notable classics.

From whitewashed houses, cobbled streets, bustling tapas bars and tall impressive bridges and magnificent views that go on for miles. Ronda is the place of dreams and easily one of the most beautiful places in Spain.

things to do in ronda spain street

Cobbled Street Ronda

things to do in ronda spain ernest hemingway

This little beauty in Andalusia is well worth a visit, especially if you are in the region of Malaga. only a couple of hours north of the city madness, you will find this charming town waiting to be explored.

Heres the ultimate guide to Ronda

Things to do:

Puente Nuevo

puente nuevo Ronda Spain

Probably one of the most famous sites in Ronda. Puente Nuevo is the main landmark to see. Those ‘instagrammable’ photos of the high arches. Hike down to the bottom for the best views of the bridge. This 18th-century bridge reaches a height of 100m.

The bridge has a rich history that can’t be ignored. Tales of the ‘Spanish Civil war’ are attached to this amazing piece but today it is part of the ‘charm’ of Ronda

Plaza de Tores de Ronda.

Right in the centre, you will find the large bullring that is a huge part of Ronda’s history and Spanish Culture. It is one of Spains oldest and most picturesque bullrings. Ronda is known to be the home of the modern day bullfighting since the 1700s. Although while people’s attitude towards bullfighting is changing, Spain now only holds 3 events a year in Ronda. t is an amazing piece of architecture that you can’t help but admire.

 things to do in ronda spain plaza de torres bullring

ronda spain bullring

Puente Viejo

things to do in ronda spain puente viejo old bridge

Known as the old bridge, it is east to Puente Nuevo and well worth a visit. It is lesser know because of the grandness of the ‘new bridge’ but just as beautiful. It was built in 1616 and today is only used as a pedestrian bridge. 

Banos Arabes

No trip to Andalusia is complete without a trip to the Banos Arabes. Ronda’s lies just outside the city walls and it is one of Andalusia’s best preserved original Hammams.

The Banos Arabes is considered to be one of the most important tourist attractions in Ronda even more so than the noticeable Puente Nuevo, due to its rich history from the Roman architecture through to the Moorish times.

It is 3€ to enter and has different opening times according to the season. On Sundays it is free.

Alameda del Tajo.

alameda de tajo garden  ronda spain

things to do in ronda spain viewpoint

ronda spain balcony

This beautiful garden was built in the 1800s. A beautiful park to find shade on a hot summers day, that offers some of the most spectacular views of the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. Tree-lined paths that end in several balconies suspended over a cliff with awe-inspiring views. 

Arabic walls and & gates

things to do in ronda spain arabic walls

ronda spain cityscape

It is well worth wondering the old Arabic walls that surround the town as it gives you a glimpse of Ronda’s rick history.  Originally built by the Moors in the Islamic Era in Spain. 

Plaza Duquesa de Parcent

Iglesias de Santa María La Mayor Ronda Spain

My advice is if you are there for a weekend, go and enjoy a tostada for breakfast here on a Sunday morning as Sunday service is going on in the impressive Iglesias de Santa María La Mayor, which was built on the foundations of an old mosque which are still visible today.  Watch local families enjoy the slow moving life of a Sunday morning as the communities walk in a  procession through the streets.

Jardines de Cuenca

things to do in ronda spain bridge

ronda spain viewpoint

things to do in ronda spain viewpoint

ronda spain viewpoint

Spend the morning strolling around this beautiful garden. You will be met with a beautiful array of flowers, and terraces to get lost in. Along the walk, you find the most beautiful views of the bridge.

Mirador de Aldehuela

ronda spain New bridge

Mirador is Spanish for ‘viewpoint’ and if you go left of the bridge you will come across a beautiful view of the bridge. It is different from both points and personally, this is my favourite.

A Wine Tour

Take the afternoon and explore the local vine yards and sample to exquisite wine. Spain has some of the best wines and no trip would be the same without trying some.

Visit Bodega Joaquín Fernandez for an afternoon of wine tasting and learning about the production of their red wine with stunning views from their vineyards.

Learn Spanish

things to do in ronda spain cultural experience

Just beyond the Arabic walls, you will find a cultural hub called Entrelenguas where you can learn Spanish, take tours around Ronda as well as the region of Malaga, Còrdoba and Seville with likeminded people, learn to cook traditional Spanish Cuisines and make lifelong friends. Perfect for students and solo travellers.

Where to stay:

Luxury- Catalonia Ronda

Clean and modern with amazing views of the green countryside surrounding the town. Amazing views of Plaza de Toros from their infinity pool. Pets are allowed if you have come along with a dog for the hikes that Ronda offers.

Breakfast is available and a restaurant is on site. They also have fitness facilities, concierge service and a spa.

Mid-Range – Hotel Maestranza

A centrally located 4* hotel with large bright rooms. It is clean and comfortable with all the facilities that you would need. Breakfast is available as well as wifi, a bar and restaurant.

Budget- Hostel Los Molinos

This quiet little hostel is a little out of town but offers some amazing views of Puente Nuevo. It lies in the bottom of the valley and offers simple but clean dorm rooms. It has good wifi and available breakfast.

Of course, there are also some amazing apartments in Ronda on Air BnB and would 100% recommend them. This way you also get to ask a local for their recommendations on what to see and where to eat.

Where to eat:

Ronda is known for their tapas restaurants, offering some amazing traditional Spanish plates. You could eat your way around there one afternoon just sampling all the dishes.

Meson El Sacristan

Plaza Duquesade Parent 14

Traditional Spanish tapas, very popular with locals and tourists. Outside seating is available in a lively square where you can watch the world go by sampling some local wine. 

El Lechuguita

Calle Virgen de Los remedies

Traditional Spanish Tapas and very popular with locals. You’ve just got the squeeze in where you can.  You order your food by filling in a piece of paper that the barman will give you. It’s kind of a tally system, you say how many of each tapas you want on there. It’s cheap with most of their tapas starting at 80 cents and delicious.

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  1. I haven’t managed to visit Ronda yet, but after reading this I’m going to make it a priority the next time I’m in Spain. I didn’t realize they are known for their tapas. That’s one of my favourite ways to sample Spanish food. Would January or February be a good time to visit?

    1. Louise Allonby says: Reply

      Thank you. I didn’t know either until I went but they seemed to have had quite the bustling atmosphere for tapas. I would say January/ February would be OK to go but cold so make sure you wrap up warm.

  2. Your photos are so beautiful. Such incredible architecture with all those arches. I admit I hadn’t heard of Ronda before but I would love to visit after reading your post.

    1. Louise Allonby says: Reply

      Thank you so much. It is a magical place. You will have to go to see for yourself

  3. Known for their tapas, you say? Sign me up! I’d never really given much thought to Ronda, actually, but you’ve made it sound amazing! And I really love old Moorish walls, churches, etc, so think this one will be going on the list now! Hate bullfighting, but really love that photo of the arena seating!

  4. Ronda looks like such a lovely town! We are heading to Seville in a few weeks and I’m now tempted to plan a day trip – love the ancient walls!

  5. I visited Ronda as a child but had no idea what i was seeing really,, or that there was so very much to see! We had a quick Orangina by the new bridge and then drove away. I would love to return and spend some time exploring the gorgeous spots you mentioned like the stunning views Alameda del Tajo or the old Moorish walls. Plus, now I am old enough to join one of those wine tours!

  6. I love that you can hike down to the bottom of the arches! I’m a big outdoor person and I’m always looking for reasons to hike. Your photos are lovely, thank you for sharing.

  7. This place looks like ‘real Spain’ not the touristy areas of Barcelona that I visited. Awesome!!

  8. I’ve never been to Spain but I always watch documentaries about expats moving to little villages (or the coast) and I really wanna move there haha! Your pictures are beautiful too, capturing how I imagine the South of Spain.

  9. I truly enjoyed watching your lovely photos of this cute, little village. I loved the bridges and the terrace overlooking the countryside.

  10. Gorgeous photos! I never made it to Ronda when I was in Spain, but these pictures make me want to go, especially since Hemmingway spent so much time there and I love his books.

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