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Dear Asia, I’m sorry but I had to leave you

Dear Asia,

I’m sorry I had to leave you. I just became too comfortable and anyone that knows me knows that I don’t like to be comfortable in places for too long.

We all knew it wasn’t going to last, I wasn’t going to stay forever.  You changed me. I learnt how to communicate by pointing, smiling and laughing, I still to this day don’t know half of the things that I agreed to but I learnt you basics and it was enough to get me by. I knew all your tastes, I became a part of you and your culture and customs, that I became somewhat too comfortable. So I had to leave. You became the known and I had the yearning for the unknown.

I’ll always treasure our memories and I’ll always want to come back for more and discover more of your gems. It was literally love at first sight, I was fascinated by you and I knew instantly that great adventures were about to happen. I think you’re amazing and I always will. I miss; your kindness and warmth, how you smiled at me and welcomed me with open arms. How you captured my heart with the weather, luscious green landscapes, your hidden island secrets and breath-taking sunrises and sunsets too, your shining temples and your history that made me feel appreciative of what I have. I’ll hold dear your cheap tasteful eats that filled that small hole in my stomach every meal because of let’s face it I was never hungry when I was with you but I don’t appreciate how fat you made me, let’s put it that way.

Before I met you, I had never opened my mind and heart up to anything outside my own reality back home in England. I was happy with my simple small town countryside life, with my routine, my materialistic belongings and my unknown dreams of the future because I didn’t know any different. I had that normal expected life but then I met you and you flipped my world quite literally upside down. You were brutal, you made me trust complete strangers and to lose sight of all the familiar things that I knew. You came crashing into my life like a wild thunderstorm after a very hot humid day in Bangkok (Oh yeah that’s another thing I miss, how you let out your anger with a spectacular sight in the sky). Anyways, you took me right out of my comfort zone, you awoken my senses, made me realise how tiny me and my problems are compared to how big the world is and that I thank you for. You gave me a lot.

I will probably be back again because I can’t stay away. I don’t know when. I don’t have any fixed plans or tickets. I’ll book it in impulse because you taught me to be spontaneous.

Until next time Asia. Keep charming people with amazingness and I’m pretty sure they will fall in love too.



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