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Imagine this, you’re researching a trip, come across a travel blog and read an amazing post packed with tips, tricks, things to do and see, places to eat and drink for the place you were visiting but have don’t have time to write all that information and research the directions.

Yes, that’s right there’s a new way to make travelling and navigating around a new place so much easier.
GPSMyCity is an interactive app where you can access articles that have been turned into GPS. Each article has GPS pinpoints so you can use the article like a map and it will take you to that recommended restaurant or that must-see viewpoint.

GPSMyCity has thousands of articles on their app for over 1000 cities worldwide. So you would never be stuck for inspiration. The best part is once you have downloaded the app, you don’t need the internet to use the guided articles. So you don’t have the worry about using up all your data or extra roaming charges from being abroad.

You can also download the article so you can read them at your own pleasure without wifi. The amount of times I have wanted to sit and do research for a trip in the sun, on a small island in the middle of Asia is countless because of the lack of WIFI.

So to celebrate this amazing change in the travel industry of GPS Guided articles, you can download my article ‘ Essential Guide to Koh Phi Phi, Thailand’ for FREE this week, so you can navigate to any attraction described in the article from your current location.

GPS MyCity

You can download and upgrade the article for FREE to see just how cool really is. Go on give it a go. It really is a personal tour guide in your pocket.

Click on the link below to my article on GPSMyCity and give it a share to all your friends and family and let them discover this new way of travelling.–thailand-4448.html

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