GPSMyCity: A travel revolution

Imagine this, you’re researching a trip, come across a travel blog and read an amazing post packed with tips, tricks, things to do and see, places to eat and drink for the place you are visiting but don’t have time to write all the information down plus research the directions/ addresses etc.

Well, my glorious people. You’ve heard it here there’s a new way to make travelling and navigating around a new place so much easier.
GPSMyCity is an interactive app where you can access articles that have been turned into a GPS. Each article has GPS pinpoints so you can use the article like a map and it will take you to that recommended restaurant, the famous landmark or that must-see viewpoint.

GPSMycity has thousands of articles on their app for over 750 cities worldwide. So you’ll never be stuck for inspiration or things to fill a day with. The best part is once you have downloaded the app, you don’t need the internet to use the guided articles or the maps. So you don’t have the worry about using up all your data or extra roaming charges being abroad. All the articles on the app are written

All the articles on the app are written by everyday travellers like myself, and of course like you. So you can trust that the opinions and recommendations are sought out with extra care.

The app is simple, for example, if you are planning on going to Barcelona all you have to do is search Barcelona on the app and hundreds if not thousands of articles come up and you can read them for free. If you want to store the article you can download the article for a small price and use it to navigate yourself around the city. Its that simple.

You can also download the articles so you can read them for your own pleasure without wifi. A number of times I have wanted to sit and do research for a trip in the sun, on a small island in the middle of Asia is countless but has not been possible because of the lack of wifi.

GPS is a new way of travelling all convenient in a single little app. Give it a go today

You can click on the links below to my articles on GPSMyCity and give it a share to all your friends and family and let them discover this new way of travelling.–morocco-3595.html–portugal-3104.html

*Disclaimer this is not a sponsored post but if you do download any of my guides linked above, I will receive a small commission. ut this is not a sponsored post.

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  1. This really seems like an awesome app which I will definitely download soon. Is there also info about the Balkan cities?

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