Why I have always wanted to visit India

India. It’s a country that has fascinated me for well over 5 years now ever since I started this travelling malarky.
My interest came from watching go pro videos of people travelling. My love for the food and how cultural immersive the country seemed.
I then started to read and read and read travel blogs of people that have travelled there and their mixed opinions. I became passionate about making it a goal of mine.

But with India comes a lot of stigmas, people are not open to the idea of it. When I mention it, people look at me like I’ve got a screw loose but honestly, the reason why I want to go to India so much is that I crave to really be culture shocked. I like to feel out of my comfort zone and to have all my senses battered. I long for it, as much as I like my comforts, once a year, I want to go to another culture. Understand, learn and be involved and I strongly believe that India will fill a huge gap that needs to be filled in my life.
They say India is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. I already love the culture without even visiting, so I need to see for myself whether I will love it or hate it in reality.

As a woman, yes! I have my fears and concerns but I have always put it off for so long because of this, it’s never been quite the right time, no matter how long I daydream about it but now I feel ready to take this adventure, the time feels right now. More and more women are travelling solo around India and as times develop and change, more and more women are reporting that they felt safe, yes some blunders but mainly the reports that I have extensively researched are positive ones. So I’m going get out of under this rock and tackle this incredible country on my own if I have to.
So having said that one of my plans for the coming year is to take a month and to go and experience it all. Meet local people, see some old friends that I worked with on a film once, eat all the aloo gobi in the world, and to take the most amazing photos, to be inspired and motivated again to do something I truly love as well as truly learn another new culture. Because culture is something that I can dig deep into and will forever stick in my mind. I plan to change peoples opinions on this country because you really shouldn’t read everything you see in the media.

My plan is to take a trip around Rajasthan, hitting up Delhi, Udaipur, Jaipur, and Jodhpur. I would also like to go to Agra and Varanasi. So here is to planning, saving and making my biggest dream to date come true.

If anyone has any tips on Northern India, please let me know, from solo travel, food, what to see and budgeting.


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