It’s not easy

People always say to me, just how lucky I am to have a life full of travel. Yes, I agree to some extent that I may look lucky to you and I do feel lucky but I wouldn’t call myself lucky. I have had to sacrifice a lot of things to have this life. I don’t have a boyfriend, I don’t have children, I don’t have a career, I don’t have my own house or car, I get to see my friends and family, maybe once a year. I don’t even have 5 or 10-year plan, I even don’t have a clue what I would like to do in the long run. I’ll admit I would like these things, some of them YES! I would love to have a career that I love, it would be nice to have a boyfriend and I would certainly love to see my family and friends more than once a year, if I am lucky, but the reality of it is, I can’t really have those things with a life of travel.

It’s not easy, travelling as a lifestyle is hard, exhausting and challenging, but if you choose this life you have to learn to go with the flow, even on the bad days. Think about where you are in the world and think about where you could have been if you didn’t set out on this journey, and trust me it will make your day a lot better.  You have to always remember that this is the life you chose. You won’t get hot showers every day, you won’t have a working toilet it could just be a hole in the ground, you won’t get to eat what you want, you will be stared at, you will get frustrated because of the language barrier, you will get very lonely but you have to learn the adapt to these situations because you chose it.

Happy in Cambodia.
Happy in Cambodia.

You have to sacrifice things to get what you want. Make happiness you priority, whether that’s a career, a relationship, a stable life or like me; travel, a life of uncertainty, experience and adventure. This is what makes me happy and makes me feel so alive, that’s why I chose it but I will admit, I do feel like there is something else missing, but I guess I will just go with the flow like I do every day.

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

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