Manifesting dreams in 2018

Going into 2018, I was feeling enthusiastic and confident about the future. Over the Christmas break at home, I had a somewhat epiphany that I need to get more out of my life. Someone told me who is so close to me that lately, I seemed to have gotten a little negative, And I agree, I can totally see it. And I know the source of why I have become like that. Generally, I am not a negative person, I like to be quite positive about everything. So number one thing is to take the root of all that negativity and use it to blossom something beautiful.

From this realisation, I have made a few decisions about what I would like to change in the coming year. After 4 years living abroad and teaching, I have decided that by June I will be moving back to the UK on a more permanent basis. Something I never thought I would see myself doing, but something one day a few months back just clicked in me and I made the decision that its what I want or need, who knows? I guess I have been away for so long now that I need to at least see if I can settle back in the UK, if I’m capable of adapting to that lifestyle again otherwise I would never know. If I’m not capable of it, then who knows where I will end up next but I need to at least try.

With moving back to the UK, will come work. I plan to go back to my Summertime Job in Oxford in a new position, it’s a great opportunity to save money and gain new experiences. After that, perhaps I will go back to Greece on holiday and with the money from Summer school, buy a car or if I have successfully done that by then, then maybe I will try and fulfil my dreams of going to India. You will have to wait and see on that one.

On a long-term basis, I have always had a love for being creative, I have a degree in Digital Film Production, and so I have decided to go back to what I once knew. Aswell as teaching in Spain, I am also currently working as a Social Media Manager for a bar back at home. Working on advertising and marketing on their social media channels. This is something that I have realised I enjoy doing. So I have decided to try and set up my own business as a freelance Digital Social Media Marketer. So watch this space for business releases. It’s still in development, but I have potential clients interested already. So I am so very excited and enthusiastic about this new venture.

I’m not sure of where I will live at the moment when I return, either I will live at home for a while until I get set up and my feet firmly on the ground. Or move to either Manchester or London. Two potential cities with lots of great opportunities for what I would like to do.

In 2018, I want to learn some new skills that will help with the future. I would like to develop my photography skills further. It has always been a passion of mine. There’s something about capturing a picture that is so special. You can really capture stories. I would love to make photography a big part of my business, especially photographing special events like weddings. But that’s a long way off yet. Just an end goal. I would love to learn Photoshop properly and become very good at this. As well as this, I would like to get my teeth into learning SEO. Something that would greatly benefit me on my route in to my new business.

In terms of my blogs, I actually have big plans for it. I would like to eventually this year re-design the site, giving it a new sleek look. I would like to release a mini-series of guides for each country I have been to. I would like to produce and publish new content atleast once a week. As well as grow my daily viewings. I am going to push my social media channels for my blog and hope the opportunity arises. If anything, I would love to combine travel and social media together and create my dream job.

Just because I plan to move back to the UK, I will not stop travelling. This is a big world and just because I won’t be living abroad doesn’t mean I won’t stop seeing it. In fact, I feel that being back home will give me more opportunity to travel.

2018 is about being productive, not giving up and manifesting all my dreams finally. Heres to a great year ahead. Watch this space.


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  1. Good luck. I hope your dreams come true!

    1. Louise Allonby says: Reply

      Thank you Dory

  2. manifesting xxx surrounding yourself with people who will help u along the way …xxxx

    1. Thanks love 🙂

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      Thank you very much, I appreciate it

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