The Perfect Day Trip from Venice: Murano and Burano


Murano and Burano are two little islands that are perfect for a day trip from Venice.


You can get there quickly by boat from the centre of Venice with the Venice travel card. The travel card gives access to the buses and boats in and around Venice, and you can get to the islands using these at no extra cost. For one day it is 20 euros, two days is 30 euros, three days is 40 euros, and for a week it is 70euros.


murano bell tower

To get to the Islands, you must take the boat to Murano to get to Burano and change there, so this makes for the perfect opportunity to spend a couple of hours wandering around this charming place.

murano italy

Stroll along the water, exploring the island that is famous for its glass making. Walk along the bridges and get lost around all the hidden streets of this exciting place.

Murano grand canal


burano italy

Next, take the boat from the other end of Murano to Burano. Burano is a place like no other and it will blow you away as soon as you step off the boat. It is truly unique, the streets are lined with brightly coloured houses that run along the water.


They say that houses are painted brightly so that the sailors could find their way home in thick fog. 


Burano is a truly special place, everywhere you turn there is something else that will blow you away. I can see how it has got so popular recently.

burano colourful houses

Just like Murano is famous for its glass making, Burano is best known for its lace-making besides the brightly coloured houses, as well as the local butter cookies which are called ‘bussolai buranoi’. You will be able to find them easily in any bakery on the island.

Burano bell tower

Burano is also home to another one of Italy’s leaning towers: the 17th-century bell tower Chisea di San Martino.

You can easily get lost strolling around this perfect place one afternoon and leaving feeling awe-inspired. 


Would you like to go to Murano and Burano?

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  1. […] Murano and Burano are two beautiful islands that are perfect for any day trip away from the hustle and bustle of the main city. Wander the canals and streets of Murano and discover the history of glass making. Then catch the boat from there to Burano and wander streets of this brightly coloured islands. Probably one of the most colourful and bright places in Europe. You will be amazed at everything. Check out my post on Murano and Burano here.  […]

  2. I finally had a chance to see Murano and Burano this summer and I loved them both! Burano is unbelievable with all the colourful houses. Great day trip indeed 🙂

    1. It really is isn’t it? I was blown-away by Burano.

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