The Stunning Amalfi Coast: A 5 Day Itinerary


The Amalfi Coast seems to be as ever popular now more than ever. A beautiful stretch of coastline along the edge of Southern Italy. 

Beautiful, colourful towns built up the side of the mountains, deep blue sea, delicious seafood pasta, lemon groves and terraced vineyards. The Amalfi Cons is aesthetically pleasing to any traveller, and a must see despite the every growing tourism and the expensive price tag it has. 

The thing with the Amalfi Coast is that it is super easy to travel around whilst staying in one place. I personally stayed in Positano in a cute Air BnB at the very top of the mountain but a lot of people opt to stay in Sorrento, a busy coastal town that faces out to the bay of Naples.

positano air bnb

Day 1- Positano


Spend the day wandering the hills of Positano, taking in the astonishing views. Eat some lemon sorbet, browse the boutiques, drink an Aperol Spritz in the sun, indulge in some seafood spaghetti, a must when visiting Positano and relax on the famous beaches. Positano is the place of dreams.

seafood spaghetti

Day 2 – Sorrento


Enjoy the cosmopolitan town of Sorrento, discovering the famous lemons of Sorrento. From limoncello to fresh sorbet to the handcrafted souvenirs. Sorrento is perfect for those who are travelling on a budget that wants to see the Amalfi coast but can’t afford to stay in elegant guesthouses with a private cove and sea views.

Day 3- Capri

Wake-up early and take a ferry to the glistening Isle of Capri. This beautiful island is a must-see on any trip to the Amalfi. Spend the day hiking or taking a boat tour. Capri is also best known for its world-class shopping, so shop like you are one of the right and famous.

Day 4- Ravello & Amalfi


You will have to take a bus or a ferry to Amalfi to get the local bus up to Ravello, as it is high in the mountains. You will need to purchase a bus ticket from the local tobacco shop or bar. There is one right opposite the bus stop in Amalfi. It has a lot of souvenirs and postcards outside. 


Spend the morning exploring the medieval streets of Ravello. This town is the hidden gem of the Amalfi coast. Once you have discovered Ravello, you can hike back down to Amalfi along the garden velds and ancient stone pathways. 

Ravello to Amalfi trail

Once you arrive back into Amalfi, relax with a well-deserved drink and have lunch by the port. Explore the streets and take in the architectural masterpiece that is the Amalfi Cathedral.

amalfi cathedral

Day 5- Naples

Finish the trip with a day exploring the city of Naples, home of the pizza, and let me tell you if all you do in Naples is eat pizza then it has been completely worth it just for that. I have honestly never tasted pizza like it in my whole life. Remember to order the margarita like the locals.

naples pizza

Getting around

Getting around the Amalfi coast is super easy. You can either take a bus to each town by buying a travel card from one of the stands at the bus stop. This is the longest option due to the amount of traffic. A more unique way is to take the ferry everywhere, that way you will get to see more of the beautiful coastline that you would miss if you take the bus. 

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