The Worlds Most Scenic Train Journey: Ella to Kandy

Train travel is one of the most affordable and worthy modes of transport to take when backpacking in my opinion. You can relax, read, listen to music, sleep, walk around, watch the moving landscapes, talk to other travellers and even locals, get a feel for the culture and the way of life. Any train I have taken in my travels across Asia has always been an adventure. Train travel in Sri Lanka was exactly that, beautiful and scenic. The Ella to Kandy route is known to be one of the most scenic train routes in the world.  Mountains, valleys, tea plantations and small villages were everywhere. I was in awe of the beauty that I saw passing by me.

Taking the train to or from Ella is one of the most popular routes to take in Sri Lanka. It is almost as if it is a tourist attraction itself.

The 7-hour journey, had me smiling from ear to ear, in awe at how beautiful the landscape was. Hanging out the windows trying to soak in as much as the beauty as possible, I realised in that moment just how lucky I was to call this my life. If I hadn’t chosen to travel, if it hadn’t become my main passion then I wouldn’t have been able to see the beauty that this world truly has to offer.







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