10 foods to try in Spain

Spanish food is among some of the best you can find in Europe. The Spanish are proud of their rich food culture and from every corner of the country, you can find some unique dishes, from pintxos in the Basque country, paella in Valencia, Tapas in Andalucia, and grilled octopus in Galicia. Your palette is in for a party in Spain. Here are some of my favourites that I think you should try if you are ever visiting Spain.


No surprises here that this one appears in this list. It’s a classic. The Spanish version of an omelette. A simple dish of eggs, onions and potatoes, make sure you try this traditional dish when you visit Spain. Although in my opinion sometimes it can be a hit and miss. I have tasted some delicious ones. My best advice is: ask a local where the best place to get tortilla is in town.

Chipirones Frito

Light and crispy. This seafood dish is a must try. Basically, Chipirones are baby squid and on the South coast, they just get it right.

Pimientos de Padrón

Small green peppers simply fried in olive oil and seasoned with rock salt. This dish is simple but delicious.  A great sharing dish or as a healthy snack.


Of course, this is another one that has to be tried. You can get paella just about anywhere but be warned it comes with quite a heavy price tag. Rumour has it the best place to have Paella is in Valencia, where you will find an array of different types of paella dishes but be careful of the overpriced tourist hot-spots, where the paella doesn’t taste as genuine as it should. Scope out where the local people are eating and there you will find the best.


Spanish meatballs. I always find myself ordering these on any tapas menu. A simple dish but it seems each restaurant does them differently.


A cold soup originally from Cordoba. An absolute delight on a hot sweltering afternoon. Topped with egg and jamon. This soup of tomatoes, bread, olive oil and garlic is a must. Don’t knock it before you try it.

Tostada con Tomate

I am not a breakfast person at all but if I was to say Spain has changed me, I would say it has changed my opinion on Breakfast. Tostadas with tomatoes sprinkled with olive oil and salt are what dreams are made of. It actually makes me excited to eat breakfast, something which I have never done before. Everyone’s having these in the morning in Spain, so I dare you to join in with the locals.

Patatas Bravas

Basically, in the UK we call this chips and ketchup. That’s all it is but I think the sauce is a little different in Spain although quite similar to ketchup. Crispy fried potatoes with alioli and a tomato based sauce on top. Delicious.


Fresh octopus, grilled with paprika and olive oil sprinkled on top for seasoning. A traditional dish in A corúna, Galicia. It’s a speciality there and a must try. It’s delicious but not without a strange texture, it’s firm on the inner part put quite squidgy on the outer side, it takes a while to get used to it but it’s an amazing dish to experience.


Not exactly a food/meal but you have to try it regardless. Basically, it’s Garlic mayonnaise at its finest. So fresh with a strong kick. This is a favourite in Spain and if you dare try. I will bet you it will become your favourite too.

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  1. We did go on a great food tour in Madrid but beyond that i did not do a whole lot of research and after reading your post i seriously regret not exploring the food scene more! loved your food photos!

    1. Louise Allonby says: Reply

      Thank you! I haven’t done any food tours. Granada is a great place for tapas. I would recommend there over Madrid actually. It’s amazing. A foodies dream

  2. Ugh I’m getting hungry looking and reading about the food in Spain! I’m going to Barcelona in September and I’m SO looking forward to exploring the food scene. Bookmarked for later!

    1. Louise Allonby says: Reply

      You are going to have a blast, try and go to some local places in Barcelona for the unique things. Some tourist traps there really over charge.

  3. I love patatas bravas! I’ve been looking for someplace to get good brava sauce in the U.S. but I’ve yet to find one that measures up. Your post brought me right back to the time I spent in Barcelona!

    1. Louise Allonby says: Reply

      If you ever get back to Spain, you should stock up on it! It’s delicious

  4. Great post! Yes! The only place you should try paella is Valencia! My Valencian friends always pull me up on this! Paella Valenciana is also commonly eaten during the weekend (mostly Sundays) it’s a great excuse to gather with family and friends. I also love chipirones, tostada con tomate y jamon and arroz al horno. <3

    1. Louise Allonby says: Reply

      Yes, My friends tend to eat with family on Sunday too. I can’t wait to get back in September and eat all the tapas

  5. Yes, I know all of these very good. I love Spanish Food. My favorite is gambas al ajillo <3

    1. Louise Allonby says: Reply

      OMG! I love that too. I should have put on the list. It’s delicious. I might make a re-edit haha

  6. Those are the stereotyped foods (and they are, indeed, great). However, there are so many more off the beaten track traditional dishes and Spain’s rich food, that are rarely seen on THE INTERNET. BY THE WAY, Spain (it is a fact) has the most exclusive restaurants and best chefs in the WORLD as per today. Love, a trilingual Spaniard.

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