Take a walk with me through Chefchaouen.

Anyone that has ever been on Instagram will know of Chefchaouen, it’s a Photographers dream, it’s just enchanting and breathtaking everywhere you turn. When I first heard about Chefchaouen, I didn’t believe it was as beautiful as people said it would be, even when I googled the images, I still didn’t imagine a place could be so captivating. I became fascinated by this place and it soon became high on my ‘places to visit’ list. What I found when I arrived there was that people were not wrong. It’s is as beautiful as the images you see on social media. Armed with my new Olympus Pen EPL7 camera. I went trigger happy whilst exploring this dream destination.

Take a walk with me through this beautiful place:

As you can see, it is very blue, everywhere you go the buildings and ground are painted a magnificent blue. It is said that it received its distinctive colour back in 1491 when Morocco received an inundation of Jews fleeing from the Spanish inquisition, along with them they brought a tradition of painting houses blue. Others say it’s painted blue to keep the mosquitoes at bay. There are a lot of different theories as to why it is the colour it is.

Local fresh produce is sold daily in the Medinas. Look at the size on those peas in a pod. When exploring the Madina you will typically see locals selling the fresh produce in the morning. Just outside the walls of the Medina, you will find local markets where you can get all your daily food needs.

Everyday hustle and bustle in the Medina. Locals going by their day to day business. Traditional Berber hats for sale on the side in all different colours.

With this place being so Instagram-worthy and all the doors being Instagram-worthy, you just have to pose in front of one of the thousands of blue doors to get that perfect shot.

This whole courtyard is a rich blue, almost a blinding fluorescent blue when it shines in the sun. This is house goals. I would love to have a house that had this much character just from the outside one day.

The most famous photo of all. The one you see all over the internet. I count my self lucky that I got this photo with no people on it. It was surprisingly very quiet when I found this beauty even though Chefchaouen is very touristy. The photo doesn’t do it justice. You have to see it for yourself.

Bright blue coloured doors are everywhere. Artistically designed by hand. as you are walking around town you will see many styles and you will also see little local shops where they are being crafted by local joiners.

Cats are present in large numbers in and around the Medina of Chefchaouen. I have seen this particular guy photographed in several other blog posts since coming back from my trip to Morocco.

One of the many public water fountains in town. This one stood out because of its detail and character.

A typical souvenir shop at the doorway of what I assume is someone’s doorway to their home. You will find all kinds of handicrafts, from blankets, cushions, clothes, hats, bowls, postcards, mirrors and furniture. If you like the bohemian style then you could get everything you want at the markets in Morocco.

See it’s a lot of blue.

A small local bakery selling fresh bread. Bread is a staple piece of the Moroccan diet. It is kind of rustic and looks like a round squashed bun. It is actually called ‘khubz’

You will find the Kasbah in the main square. One of the top things to do is explore the Andalucian gardens and learn about the history of Chefchaouen’s region throughout the collection of artefacts on display in the museum.

Climb to the very top of the tower and the views overlooking the Main Square Plaza Uta El-Hammam are incredible. The Grand Mosque towers beautifully showing all it’s glory in the foreground.

A typical convenient store which you will find scattered around all the twisty alleyways of the Medina. Grab a snack or a drink to cool down and re-energise for more exploring.

The tight little streets are aligned with even more colours from all the souvenirs that hang on the wall. If I could I’d have bought it all and filled a house up with Moroccan decoration. But money doesn’t grow on trees (or does it 😉).

Traditional Moroccan mirrors lined the streets and they just called for a mirror selfie.

Bags of colourful powder pigment that is used for dyes and paints. I guess this is how they get that vibrant blue colour everywhere.

To end the day, take a walk to the Spanish Mosque on the hill for incredible views of the town, even better at sunset. Get there early though to get a good seat.

I hope this has kickstarted your wanderlust.

Go on get out there on your adventure!






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  1. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing. This place has been on my to-do list for a few years now and you’ve just added fuel to the fire.

  2. The colours of Chefchaouen are incredible! It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit. Your pictures are lovely!

  3. Beautiful photos! I missed Chefchaouen when I was in Morocco, but this makes me want to go back!

  4. The beauty of Chefchaouen is the town itself ! It’s amazing that everything inside the Chefchaouen medina was blue, from the public square and government buildings, to flower pots and benches 🙂

  5. YOUR pin does not gave a pin button from mobile so i have bookmarked your post! THIS place in morocco is like a dream and i have been wanting to go here for a long time

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