10 Things I won’t miss about Thailand

Nowhere, nobody or nothing is perfect and as much as I love Thailand and as much as I will miss a LOT of things. There are some things I just won’t miss.


I am so looking forward to getting away from those sneaky blood sucking things. I am sick of itching constantly. I have even gained a huge allergy against them and on several occasions have had to have medical advice because my hands, knees and arms have swollen a crazy amount from one little tiny bite.

My legs are just awful here with bites.


Betel nut.

Having travelled a lot throughout various countries in Asia. I can say I have seen some sights and smelt some absolutely gut wrenching smells but still to this day, Betel nut is the one thing that I can honestly say turns my stomach. If you don’t know what it is, it is a popular chewing tobacco that you will see a lot of the older generation chewing on. It makes them look like their mouths are bleeding from the gums and they always flash you a big cheesy, dripping red smile.


I’ll admit, I have got used to them a lot more now. But they are still loud and they leave a mess everywhere. Give me insects any day over reptiles.



I rarely have a craving for something sweet. I am more of a savoury person. Thailand loves all things sweet. More sugar the better; they even put mountains of the stuff in their noodle soup. I don’t understand it. Thailand does have a huge problem with diabetes and I am honestly not surprised. Every damn thing is sweet. The juices have far too much sugar, most dishes have it in, pasta sauces, pizza sauces and bread are all sweet. Where are the limits people? I just want some good old Warburtons bread.

Constant photo taking.

Anyone that knows me knows how much I like taking photos of everything and anyone BUT in Thailand they take my level to a new extreme. Taking a selfie next to a flower, taking photos of people in the hospital, people eating, people crying, a mosquito bite, motorcycle accidents. The list goes on and on. I am shaking my head in utter disbelief of craziness just writing this.

Covering up.

I respect the culture and how to act when you are a teacher in Thailand and sometimes that means what you wear. I haven’t been able to go out in public in a vest top and shorts unless I have been in touristy places. It’s been hard and so annoying because the weather has been unbelievably hot and I have had to cover up. That’s also the reason why I will be returning home with a not so impressive tan.

The traffic.

I have wasted far too many hours, just sitting, waiting in traffic. The pollution slowly seeping into my lungs, especially when I am in a TUKTUK or on the back of a motorcycle. Literally, the bane of my life. I am still not patient when it comes to waiting.

Typical traffic in Bangkok


I am a lover of spice but in moderation. In Thailand, chilli is one of their staple of ingredients and can be pretty much found in all food here. You can ask for no spice but I can guarantee that one will “accidentally” slip in there somewhere.

The early mornings.

People rise early here. 4, 5, 6 am and start their day. You can hear the farmers in the fields, the builders with the hammers, the monks chanting, the roosters crowing. As much as I love the way of life. I would have loved just 1 sleep in over the weekend after a crazy week in the office.

Squat toilets.

I can honestly say I have become an expert on squatting. Why I haven’t got that fully toned arse I don’t know. It’s a normal life here and I have had to become used to it. I guess I am now cultured in worldwide toilet etiquette, but still, its just so disgusting and they always smell so bad.


“When you travel remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you feel comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable.” – Clifton Fadiman

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