Photo memory of 1 year in Thailand

I have been in Thailand for 1 year now and it is nearly time to leave for new adventures. It has been one of the most incredible years with some of the most awesome memories made. I can’t even really put into words how great it has been so here’s a look back at my journey in pictures;


Failing at surprising Ash and Rachel at the airport. They had gone right past us straight to the hotel. Wasted journey. We even made this banner but everything went so bad.


Its ok though, we proceeded to get very drunk and party hard on Khoa San Road. It’s always great to have friends visit when you live abroad.


I got the most awesome job in the world, teaching the craziest and amazing kids.


I’ve experienced many Thai weddings and even a funeral (which is not for the faint-hearted, it was also the first funeral I had ever been too)


I got to be a part of a famous festival in Thailand called Loi Krathong. It is a light festival where people make new wishes and thanks to the water gods for blessing them with rain during the farming season. They release thousands of floating lanterns in the sky and it the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.


Celebrating the kings birthday in Bangkok was a great experience. Everyone wore yellow and lit candles for him.


I have seen far too many fireworks. They even set them off in the daytime here. Anytime they feel like it.


I trusted the hair salons here and I chopped my hair off. I just couldn’t deal with having long hair in this heat.


I was pretty homesick on Christmas day. I think it was because I didn’t get my mashed potatoes, but this family cooked me a meal for Christmas to make me feel better.


I spent new years biking around my favourite city in Thailand in Chiang Mai. Perfect if you ask me.


I had the best birthday. I got far to much cake from the kids.


Treating myself to a new tattoo for my birthday when I got drunk. Happens every time I come to this country.


I had the best valentines day. Never been so loved. So many heart stickers and roses.


Making that difference. Meet Piya one of my students from my first school. He has learning difficulties, but despite the obstacles, he really tried in my lessons and after I left the school he told the teachers, he really wanted to learn English so he can speak with me when I go to visit. He now gets private tutoring and I am so proud.


Definitely mastered the art of selfie taking.




I have seen some of the most beautiful ancient temples.


Giving this family a box of toys for children with no parents.


Got a pet dog for a few days.


Learning to be Thai and taking pictures everywhere.


In fact, Sam and I took the most Thai picture you could possibly imagine.


Great adventures, with great friends on beautiful islands.


That one time, Greg, Josh and Sam got me into a Kayak out in the ocean. I have never been so damn terrified in my whole life. But I was proud of conquering a fear.


I joined a yoga class. The class was all spoken in Thai and I was the only foreigner there. It was so much fun.


I ticked off Songkran (the world’s biggest water fight) it was so much fun.


A second school. New students and a new experience. It was so much fun to have more people in my life to share this whole experience with.


That one time we sat in immigration for 8 hours, just for the officer to flip through the papers and say no. Cannot put into words how p***ed off I was. Always have to smile in the Kingdom of smiles though.


School visits to see my old babies have been the best. I knew it wasn’t time to say goodbye when I left.


Working an orientation for MediaKids Academy. Giving advice for new teachers. I also had to wear the world’s ugliest and scratchiest blouse ever. As soon as I was told that I could change, it was off. Never again.

Thanks for the memories Thailand. This isn’t goodbye, it’s just see you later.

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