5 questions the traveller in me hates.

I’ve been ‘travelling’ (well working abroad) now for nearly 3 years. That’s a long time and in my book, I would class that as long term. Wouldn’t you?

I made the decision for me because to be bluntly honest, I didn’t know what else to do after graduating university. All I knew was that I had a real desire to see the world. Cliché I know!!
I get asked a lot of questions that quite frankly I hate answering. I simply can’t make people understand my choices. They will always be baffled by them but you can’t win them all I suppose;

I bet it’s not just me, more than likely all travellers will have been asked these 5 questions at some point on their journey.

Just let us figure it out on our own time and when we’re ready, the added stress of being asked these doesn’t help when there’s a big wide world out there to see.

1. Are you not afraid?
I mean let’s get this one straight. It is scary at first but more exciting. Going into the unknown and not having a clue what you’re doing but once you do it, it becomes normal. It starts becoming routine the more you move around. So now, I don’t feel afraid anymore, I’ve done it before. I can keep doing it. Plus you’re never really alone once you get out of your comfort zone and just do it!

2. How do you afford it? “You must come from a rich family”
Every single piece of travelling I have done. I have done for myself. I have paid for myself. I absolutely do not come from a rich family. I just prioritise my money and don’t blow it. I treat myself occasionally and I can be terrible at buying things I don’t need. But when I go into shops now, I see something I like and think for a moment ‘do I really need it.’ Most of the time the answer is no so I just don’t buy it. But I know what I want and that’s what I will spend my money on.

3. When are you coming home?
I don’t know the answer to this. I always say this. I like to live in the moment. Where is home exactly? Right now, it’s Spain. Where will it be in the future? I don’t know. Let my feet do the wandering and I’m sure I will find my way home one day wherever that may be.

4. Isn’t it time you settled down?

I’m 25. Yes, it would be nice…one day! To have my own place and a more stable lifestyle and more money than I do now and when that opportunity arises I’ll take it. But in my opinion, I think I’m right where I’m supposed to be. It is something that I look into often though all because I want my own place with my own lamps and rugs and pictures.

5. Why are you wasting a degree you studied hard to get?

I get this a lot. I am NOT wasting my degree. Just because I haven’t gone down the path that my degree is in doesn’t mean I’m wasting it. I just lost the passion for it and found my passion elsewhere in travelling and teaching. That’s not a bad thing. I’m educated and I’m using it in a different way by teaching abroad. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to have this lifestyle I have now.

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