Travel Plans: I’m going “home”

Recently I decided to return to my beloved Asia. In other words…HOME! I don’t really know why but I am craving some noodles a hell of a lot nowadays, the novelty of using chopsticks is probably the reason and the heat, I mean I am just sick of being cold in summer here.

I’ve been stuck at a very long crossroads for a while now. With nowhere to really go and no light at the end of the tunnel. Closest friends have told me to do what my heart says but that’s just been a head mash.  I have been confused, lost and not really know where my life is taking me. It’s probably the first time I have thought whether or not my decision to travel long-term was the right one. It’s been hard but I bit the bullet and booked a very last minute flight back to Thailand for some temporary familiarity, in a place that I know will give me clarity, will give me the answers I need to go in the right direction. Plus life is just too short and I miss my friends and life there. I’m excited about the big reunions.

I am hoping that I will just be there for a few months to visit and recuperate and ‘sort my life out’ if you will. Then I am hoping to make it to Australia on a working holiday visa. I am trying to make it look ‘doable’ at the moment, some days it does and some days it doesn’t which ends with me in tears having some sort of mental breakdown about life. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. I AM going to make it happen. Even if it means swallowing my pride and admitting defeat against my quest to being an independent woman.

Either way, what’s meant to be will be and I’m sure it’s going to be an exciting time.

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