An update on where I am: I moved to Spain

Hello from Spain. Although when this goes live I will, in fact, be in the UK starting my holidays for Christmas.

I am still writing so much about my travels in Asia that it looks like I haven’t left but I did leave back in September to start a new job and life in Spain. I applied for a job as an English camp teacher back when I was still working in Thailand. After an interview over Skype, I was told I had the job almost immediately, which meant I had to come home earlier than planned which made me cancel my plans to travel Myanmar and Laos (not to worry I plan to do it next year).

I had never planned to come and teach or travel so early in Europe on this mad adventure I find myself on but here I am in Spain, well the Basque country to be more precise and I absolutely love it.

I am one of 6 teachers at an English camp in a small village called Espejo. It is very rural but I am used to that, so I like it a lot. We basically sing, dance, play games and speak English with groups of kids that come and stay at the hostel we live in every week. I really enjoy the job and it is very different to what I am used to after a year alone in Thailand. We all live together, and after a year alone, I am enjoying the company and having such a laugh.



I have been here for 2 months now and have explored much of the Basque country, Madrid and Valencia. (I really need to write some posts), I have drunk far to much wine that I really need to go on a detox, but at 95 cents a glass, who am I kidding? I have laughed so much my stomach hurts at times and learnt that there’s no limit to the amount of salt they put in food here. My Spanish is still rubbish but at least I know how to order a drink at the bar now. I really hope I can learn more before I leave but I just need to stop being lazy.

Vitoria- Gasteiz
San Sebastian
San Sebastian

I still have 5 months in Spain when I return after Christmas, so I hope to update you on some travels throughout the country and my upcoming trips to Morocco and hopefully Portugal.


Here’s to more Spanish adventures

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