5 free things to do in Sydney, Australia

I haven’t written anything about that time I spent 3 weeks travelling up the East coast of Australia between Sydney and Brisbane. Maybe I just haven’t been inspired or maybe I just have too much to write about my time in Asia but recently I have been thinking about Australia a lot and I am planning to hopefully go back out there in the next year on a working holiday visa.

It got me thinking about returning to Sydney as it was my favourite place. I found Sydney to be such a diverse place with plenty to do but it can expensive, I have adapted a small list of 5 free things to do in the city. Things that can be done on a budget and can fill in a day. They are also good ways to see this amazing city.

Botanical gardens

A lovely stroll around the botanical gardens is a must on a sunny afternoon. Enjoy the views of the city, the peace and tranquillity, you might even get the chance to feed the wild cockatoos.


View of the city from the gardens
View of the city from the gardens

Listen to the buskers

If anyone asks me why Sydney was my favourite place in Australia, my answer will always be because of the buskers. There are a lot of talent on the streets of Sydney. It’s like a free gig, so why not sit, relax and listen to some great music.  It was one of my favourite things to do. Check out Winterbourne, I discovered them on Pitt Street just outside the Westfield tower shopping mall or Mr Shepherd, who you can usually find down on Darling harbour.

Mr Shepherd

Bondi Beach

Surfers, sand, waves and a beautiful coastline, what more can you want? A walk along the beach with fish & chips at the end or even just a day soaking up the sun. Bondi is a great beach and area to just hang out at with a great atmosphere.

Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour has a lot to offer. Bars, restaurants, art and entertainment. A walk along here is always a delight, your head will be turning with new sights everywhere you go.

Darling Harbour
Darling Harbour

Harbour Bridge

The views from the bridge are amazing and are well worth it. Although the wall is quite tall, standing on your tip toes is worth it for the view and the photograph opportunity of the opera house.


Have you been to Sydney? What did you enjoy doing in the city?


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