5 Things you will always find in my Backpack

There are a few things that I always find myself reaching for whenever I am packing for a trip. I find that some things are just essentials and to me, any backpacker should carry these 5 things

Tiger balm


I first read about tiger balm on another blog a few years ago when I first became interested in travelling. I decided that I would purchase a jar of it when I got to Thailand and I never look back over 2 years later. It is a versatile item that helps with muscle pains, headaches and insect bites. I would love to know what else it is helpful for.



The reason that this is on here is because it was a life saver when my travel buddy and I were struck down with food poisoning in Koh Phi Phi. It doesn’t take much room up and it could save you the awful pain. Thank me later

Sleeping bag liner


Cheap and light to carry. I used my sleeping back liner a lot on my travels in Asia. It is something great to sit in your bag that will save you from nasty cheap hostel bed bugs (it’s going to happen).

Sewing kit

When I was travelling in Bali, one of my new skirts broke. I was not happy, so I purchased a sewing kit and fixed it, and now that skirt has survived 4 more countries and is still going strong. It will save you money instead of having to buy more clothes.


Probably the most versatile item to have in your backpack. A scarf can be used as a shawl to wrap around you if it is cold or at religious sites, a pillow, a sarong or a blanket. The possibilities are endless. You will always find me with a scarf no matter how tropical the country is that I am in.

What do you always take travelling with you? Have you got any recommendations for me?

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