Travel: the cure to your problems?

Do you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, is your mind on overdrive? Do you feel like escaping but don’t know how? Well, the answer is simple, literally just that…escape.

People always say you should face your problems face on, but a friends once said to me, ‘If you came face to face with a tiger, your first intuition would be to run’ you can’t lie about it because you would s**t yourself lets face it. I know some people will not agree with my opinion but whatever I am just going to say it anyways. Why not also run from your problems? Why face them? Sometimes all you need is somewhere beautiful to clear your head.

A few years back I found myself with a one-way ticket to Thailand. I didn’t have a job, not much money saved to even get back home if things went wrong. In fact, I didn’t really have a clue how what or even why I was doing it. I had the ticket in hand but a head full of emotions. I didn’t want to admit at the time but the reason was because I was running, running away from hurt and regret. I didn’t want people to think that’s why I was leaving but truth be told it was and I guess I am ready to admit that now.

Booking a ticket to a country that is renowned for its kindness and smiles was the best decision I ever made, yeah the problem I was running from still loomed over me, but a lot less than what it would have if I had stayed at home and let it eat at my brain. I found myself excited, happy and having new experiences, that eventually did cure me and made me realise that running away is the right thing to do, call me a coward but I find that packing my bag and leaving for however long, a few days, a few weeks or even a year in my case is my personal cure to my problems. No matter who you are we all have our own way of solving problems, and this is mine and sometimes all you need is to take yourself out of the equation, get a better perspective of things and a beautiful place to help.

You belong somewhere you feel free.


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